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A Gothic Gift Guide from the Devil

Be inspired for the most indulgent time of year. Want to buy a gift that is more on the unique side?

Mix the dark side into your gifting… even Krampus would be proud with these selections!

Why not buy from an independent brand? We all do a happy dance when we get a sale - you’ll make two people’s holiday season by purchasing from a small business. You can find a great variety of handmade gifts from or from other brands on

With handmade items you’ll be gifting a product made with love and made to last.

Gift sets are always a safe bet, matching sets create cohesion which can make a gift very chic.

It’s easier for us shoppers, it's a complete gift with one purchase.

We all get bored of socks, chocolates and bath sets, let’s mix it up this year.

Still not sure what to get?

Giftcards are still always a safe option so your giftee will be able to chose whatever their heart desires!

Dark Seasons Greetings,

The Devil.

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