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How to make your home Gothic on a budget!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

No matter how tight your budget is, there are simple and cheap changes that can transform your ordinary homestyle look in to a Gothic underworld!


Let's start in the living room. Of course we would all love to possess Victorian or Period styled furniture reflecting in the crystal chandeliers, however it's not always affordable. Adding small additions to your room could make a huge impact. For example switching out boring square scatter cushions with coffin styled ones instantly gives a ghoulish look. Decorating tables or shelving with skulls, candles and trinkets as well as incense holders. Other small additions could be as simple as getting black drink coasters or a black fluffy rug. Each of these can make a huge impact the overall aesthetic in the room.

In the bathroom, buying all black towels and bath mats are an easy way to continue the gothic theme throughout the household. Combine this is black toothpaste holders and a cheap black pull down blind, the bathroom has been cursed!

With the bedroom, the obvious transformation can be made by investing in darkly inclined bedding. There is a wide variety of choice online and shopping around can save you a few quid. An elegant gothic design combined with black fitted sheets and your bedroom is taking shape. Again, garnish any surface with candles and trinkets as well as a black jewellery tree.

Charity shopping

We all love finding that hidden gem in charity shops but luxuries could be staring at you in plain sight. Finding ordinary 'vintage' or ornate ornaments may not sound very dark at first, but with a lick of black gloss spray paint and BOOM, you have the perfect gothic styled ornament for your home. Who knew being thrifty could be so gothic!


While out on countryside walks it is easy to forget about opportunities for home decor. You will be surprised by the amount of bones and animal skulls that are free for the taking. With a little research into cleaning/preserving, these finds could make an amazing addition to your gothic home decor. Finders keepers.... after all!

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